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Carpark Building

Park in the Hague Road Carpark Building, take the lift to Level B3, follow the signs.

Short-term parking
Follow Hague Road until you reach the roundabout, turn left and follow signs to Transit Lounge. There is short-term parking directly outside.

Mental wellbeing

... us cope with life’s problems and to enjoy the good things that life has to offer.

For those who are struggling with feeling down or mentally unwell, there are resources and services that can help with your mental wellbeing.

Don't be afraid to reach out for support.

Healthy weight and physical activity

Weight is a very sensitive subject for many people. However, if you are planning to get pregnant it’s a good idea to establish healthy eating patterns and try to reach a healthy weight before you are pregnant. Women who are underweight or overweight can have a higher chance of problems in pregnancy.

What is BMI?For most women, healthy weight is calculated using a BMI measurement. Your body mass index (BMI) is a comparison of your weight to your height. This is your weight in kilograms divided...

Our region, the mighty Waikato

... location within two hours: Auckland, The City of Sails renowned for its shopping and nightlife; Rotorua for geothermal attractions, lakes and beautiful forests; Raglan for brilliant surfing, beaches and cafés, and if you venture a little bit further you’ll reach the Coromandel coast with clear waters and golden sand beaches.

To find out more about the Waikato region, visit

Telehealth equipment usage

... This information helps us to track the benefits from use of the equipment (including such things as reduced travel, and new education opportunities for your facility, etc.) These responses will also contribute to future business cases to extend the reach of our Telehealth capability to better serve our community.

Note that the use of dedicated equipment such as Emergency Resus will be tracked separately and do not need to be reported on this form.

Things to consider when completing this form...

Research and education priorities

... research into commercially sound strategic units matched to resource requirements of our learners and the community. 

Understand the customer value proposition.
Rethink traditional operating models and offer business models to help overcome hurdles, reach a solution and ensure it is delivered sustainably.
Maintain partnership networks to connect stakeholders, share information, and support sustainable, long term outcomes.

Induction of labour (IOL) at Waikato Hospital

... also recommend you discuss your midwife’s involvement in the process with them.  

For a small group of women the decision to have an induction may be made quite quickly following an urgent assessment with a doctor at Women’s Assessment Unit.

Once you reach 40 weeks of pregnancy your midwife will discuss an induction with you, in case you do not go into labour on your own.

If you decide you would like to book an induction date and you have had no health issues during your pregnancy, your mi...

Let's Talk

... addiction services in the Waikato.

We wanted the community to have involvement in the whole process so we can get it right.

Engaging with Māori was a priority and the DHB worked with local Māori service providers and their iwi to find the best way to reach them to hear their voice. Achieving equity for Māori and wellbeing of all people is a priority for the Mental Health and Addiction Service.

Participants will be kept in the loop and offered further opportunities for engagement and involvem...

Transit Lounge

... the building you walk through from the Hague Road lifts into the Meade Clinical Centre. 

To pick up patients from the Transit Lounge

Park in the Hague Road Carpark Building, take the lift to Level B3, follow the signs.

Follow Hague Road until you reach the roundabout, turn left and follow signs to Transit Lounge (there is limited short-term carparking directly outside).