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Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research Trials

Main areas of research

Induction of labour
Analgesia in labour
Steroids in pregnancy
Analgesia for outpatient hysteroscopy

Dr R Foon
Dr N Titchiner
Jessica Jordan
Dr E Twidale – MACH


Methoxyflurane for conscious hysteroscopy, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. 

Fatigue after infusion or Transfusion (FIT) Pilot Trial
A pilot study as part of a research project on post-partum anaemia in New Zealand

Referral to the Waikato Hospital Antenatal Clinic

During your pregnancy your midwife may refer you to see doctors at the Waikato Hospital Antenatal Clinic for a pre-existing health condition or complication that has occurred during your pregnancy

Depending on your health condition there are two types of referrals.

Consultation referral – depending on the outcome of the consultation, either your midwife will receive advice and information from the hospital but continue making decisions with you about your care, or your care might be transfe…

Flu vaccination during pregnancy

It is recommended that all pregnant women have an influenza (flu) vaccination. Flu is not a cold. It can be a dangerous illness that poses a serious risk to the life of a pregnant woman and her baby. 

Catching the flu during pregnancy increases your chances for serious problems such as pneumonia and respiratory failure. For baby, it can affect development in the womb and can lead to premature labour and delivery, or stillbirth.

A range of physical changes during pregnancy, such as changes in…

Maternity Services

… of the Women’s Health service at Waikato District Health Board. Women receive care from their Lead Maternity Carer and can choose to birth at home, in one of nine local primary birthing facilities or Waikato Hospital.

All women who have a higher risk pregnancy or complications are cared for at Waikato Hospital by the obstetrics team and their Lead Maternity Carer.

Lead Maternity Carers (independent community midwives) Lead Maternity Carers are independently contracted by the Ministry of Healt…

Hapū Wānanga ki Tainui

A series of FREE kaupapa Māori Pregnancy Education Wānanga for all residence in the Waikato area.

- One Day Hapū Wānanga is a condensed wānanga that includes pregnancy changes, stages of labour, birthing, pain relief, medical intervention, parenting, safe sleep and breastfeeding

- Two Day Hapū Wānanga is a full complementary wānanga that includes pregnancy changes, stages of labour, birthing, pain relief, medical intervention, emotional changes, parenting, safe sleep and breastfeeing

- Breast…

Having a small baby

Sometimes your unborn baby may be diagnosed as being small for gestational age (also called SGA or small for dates), which means your midwife or doctor has felt or measured the baby to be smaller than expected for the number of weeks of pregnancy.

An unborn baby is small if, at that stage of pregnancy, its size or estimated weight on scan is in the lowest 10 per cent of babies. This means the smallest 10 out of every 100 babies.

What affects my baby’s birth weight?
Your height and weight – ta…


ObstetricsObstetrics deals with issues that arise in maternity care, treating any complications of pregnancy and childbirth and any that arise after the birth. Waikato Hospital provides maternity and obstetric facilities and specialist care for local and regional patients requiring elective (planned) or emergency treatments.

Outpatient Antenatal ClinicProvides outpatient care for women to have planned appointments with the medical team to assess and monitor their pregnancy. The clinic comprises…

Pre-pregnancy folate

… group vitamins. It is found in leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, wholemeal bread, yeast, liver and legumes. We all need folate in our diet, to allow cells to reproduce and grow. It is recommended that NZ adults consume about 400 micrograms a day, but in pregnancy that requirement goes up substantially.

Having enough folate reduces the chance of having a baby with a neural tube defect. Neural tube defects (NTDs) are a major group of birth defects where the brain, spinal cord, or the covering of…

Help to stop smoking

Stopping smoking before you get pregnant is one of the best things you can do for your health and for your baby. Smoking during pregnancy is one of the main causes of complications in pregnancy, linked to miscarriage and stillbirth and an increased chance of going in to labour too early. 

If you are trying to conceive it is important for you and your partner to stop smoking as smoking can affect fertility. Both partners stopping smoking can be a good support for each other. Quitting smoking is…

Obstetric cholestasis

Obstetric cholestasis is a disorder that affects your liver during pregnancy, causing a build-up of bile salts in your body.

The main symptom is itching of the skin but there is no skin rash. The symptoms get better when your baby has been born.

Cholestasis is uncommon, with rates varying around the world from 1 in 1,000 (0.1 per cent) to 15 in 100 (15 per cent) of pregnant women. It is more common in women from some ethnicities, for example women from South America and India.

In New Zealan…