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Paediatric Neurology Clinic

Paediatric Neurology Clinic is a specialist outreach clinic for children with complex neurological condition’s requiring a neurologists opinion.  It also provides regular and ongoing physical assessments for children and young people with neuromuscular conditions (e.g. muscular dystrophy).

Referrals are accepted from paediatricians. 

This clinic is provided by visiting paediatric neurologists.  The children with neuromuscular conditions are also assessed by a Child Development Centre physiothe...

Clinical trials and research units

... internationally recognised centre for research. It has a number of active clinical trials and research units based on Waikato Hospital campus including critical care research, respiratory and gastroenterology research, cardiology trials, trauma research, neurology research, breast cancer (Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust), rheumatology research and trials, cancer and blood research and trials, diabetes research, renal trials, and researching the use of digital health.

Outpatient clinics

... pacemaker clinic, Holter monitor, ETT
Continence clinic
Dermatology Molemap
Ear nose and throat
General Medicine
General Surgery
Heart failure CNS
Hot clinic – acute general medicine
Minor ops – general surgery

Older Person and Rehabilitation
Oncology – medical and radiation
Infectious diseases
Orthopaedics – general and fractures
Paediatrics – medical and surgical
Plastic surgery
Pre-admission assessment for anaesthesia


... Exclusion criteria1. Tangata whaiora with a confirmed intellectual disability: Refer to the Intellectual Disability Dual Disorder Service (IDDDS).

2. Tangata whaiora currently abusing alcohol or drugs without commitment to change.

3. A referral to Neurology may be more appropriate for

Younger people

Where there are new or unexplained neurological symptoms e.g. abnormal gait and/or movement disorder.
Tangata whaiora need to be able to participate in the assessment.
‘Cognitive im...

Memory Service

... However in these cases we can offer comprehensive specialist advice on how the tangata whaiora can be assessed and managed within Primary Care, for using the Regional Dementia Pathway. Some referrals may be forwarded to other services such as Neurology, Older Persons and Rehabilitation Service or the Intellectual Disability Dual Diagnosis service, if it is felt these services are better suited to meet the tangata whaora’s needs.

We welcome enquiries regarding potential referrals or...