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Injury specific resources

Philadelphia Collar brochure (G1441HWF)
Advice following minor head injury – Accident and Emergency Department Waikato Hospital (G1415HWF)
Brain Injury Information (ABI) 
Brain Injury Waikato
Concussion – information for patients and their families – Occupational Therapy (G1628HWF)
Splenectomy and Hyposplenism – Information for Patients (Doc ID: 5440)
Going home following cardiac surgery – information for patients and their families (G1320WHF)

Your personal information and privacy

We keep your information secure and make sure only authorised people access it. There are strict policies and procedures to maintain privacy and to manage this information.

In some cases some of this information may be displayed in areas that are accessed by the public (e.g. your name on ward cubicle door).

You don't have to provide us with the information we request. However if you choose not to, we may not be able to treat or care for you properly.

You have the right to access your cli...

How do I request information from Waikato DHB?

If you would like to make request information from Waikato DHB, please send your request to:

By Email:

To help us identify what information you are looking for, try to make your request as clear and specific as you can. If we do not understand your request we will get in contact to clarify the information you want to receive. Remember to include your name and contact address so that we can respond to you.

If you wish to request personal information held by Wai...

General health information

These are New Zealand websites that we recommend for reliable information on a wide range of health topics, conditions, medications and health advice. 

Specific health topics with Waikato information or of particular interest to Waikato people are listed under our Wellbeing in the Waikato pages. 

Health NavigatorProvides New Zealanders with a suite of trusted online health resources and information on health topics, diseases and conditions, medications, health services and healthy living advic...


Reliance and use of informationThe information contained on this site (“information”) is not intended to be a replacement for medical advice or advice in relation to the health or care of any person. The information is generalised and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional clinical advice. If you have any questions relating to the information you should seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. The information is derived from a number of sources. The Waikato Distri...