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Nursing & Midwifery Education Fund

… been accepted.

What are my responsibilities?
You are required to feedback and apply the learning in your service.

How do I apply?
Complete the Waikato DHB course and conference form. This form can be found on the Waikato DHB intranet using search. Forms should be approved / supported by line manager / service manager. All supporting documentation should be attached to application i.e. registration form, course outline etc.

You need to remember that the sign off by managers and then the…

Waikato Regional Diabetes Service

… provides comprehensive diabetes care, education and support to people and their whānau who are living with diabetes and require specialist input. Our specialist care is focused on supporting people over the age of 15 who have;

Difficult to control / rare forms of Diabetes such as;

Type 1 diabetes
Diabetes due to pancreatectomy / other pancreatic dysfunction
Monogenic forms of diabetes
Diabetes treated with insulin and complicated by other medical factors requiring specialist input (eg. Steroi…


… DHB's Waikids services are committed to

raising awareness about health issues
caring for children with health issues and their families
keeping children healthy.
If you use our services, you may see the Waikids brand used in our programmes, our forms or publications, and even in the names of our paediatric (child health) wards and clinics. 

It is there because we care about the health of pēpi, tamariki and rangatahi - babies, children and youth, and want to work with them and their famil…

Feedback and complaints

… feedback helps us improve our services. All our wards and clinics have feedback cards so you can record your comments on the spot and know they will be seen by the nurse in charge of the ward.

You can also submit your feedback or complaint using our online forms:

Please feel free to raise any issues or concerns at the time with any member of your care team. If you are not happy with their response, ask to see the nurse in charge of the ward in the first instance.

If you don’t understand anyt…


… City Council website and contain useful and general contact details and information.

Waikato’s RMO Pocketbook - an orientation guideStarting at a new hospital has its challenges – where to go, who to contact, policies and guidelines, forms to fill out, procedures to follow, to name but a few. Waikato’s RMO Pocketbook (an orientation guide) was developed to help you with all of this.

This booklet has been written by doctors for doctors and is intended to be a dummy’s guide to b…


… specialist, a research scientists, manager and administration support.  It is led by an Anaesthetic Executive Group.

The full scope of practice includes preoperative assessment, anaesthesia for surgical and non-surgical procedures (including sedation and all forms of regional and general anaesthesia), complex pain management and resuscitation, and medical education.

This includes:

Anaesthesia for emergency and elective surgery
Obstetric anaesthesia
Cardiac anaesthesia
Paediatric anaesthesia…

Midland Region Community HealthPathways

Midland Region Community HealthPathways allows clinicians from primary, secondary and tertiary care to access evidence based local guidance and clinical decision support at the point of care. Clinical care maps connect all the knowledge and services around a clinical condition and can be customised to reflect local needs by clinicians looking to support clinical decision making.

How to access Midland Region Community HealthPathwaysIf you are a health professional in the Waikato region and would…


… key messages of Be Smarter
Be Smarter pads of double-sided sheets for assessment, goals and advice. Minimum 10 pads per order
Be Bodywise Practitioner Manual – 42 pages covering all aspects of Be Smarter and resources for health practitioners 
 Order forms
For external providers, health professionals 
For Waikato DHB services and staff
Alternatively you can download the Be Smarter tool as a pdf

Bodywise Be Smarter tool
Tinana Ora – new bilingual resourceTinana Ora is Māori for physical wellbei…

Other educational resources

… electronic request, submit via email to your ACMM or CMM/CMN.  The electronic education request form can be found on the intranet by clicking on:
Midwifery Hub/Education and training/Women’s Health booking process/Education request template

Education request forms can also be found in the Women’s Health eLearning area of Ko Awatea: 
Women’s Health eLearning/Resource Folder/Education Request Template

Hospital-Wide Education  To view education on offer hospital-wide, click on the Nursing Hub an…

Midwifery Standards Review (MSR) Process

… Midwifery Standards Review is designed to help the midwife to:

maintain professional standards of practice
Reflect on the partnership between women and midwives throughout the childbirth experience using the feedback received from women. Consumer feedback forms provide women with the opportunity to provide feedback on the care they received. The midwife and her reviewers use this information during her review.
Reflect on her work using the College Standards for Practice and Turanga Kaupapa as…