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Who should I ask to provide references?

… at as a trainee intern to provide you with a reference or a consultant who supervised your elective placement. It pays to check that your referees are happy to act in this capacity for you - and will say positive things - before sending them referee forms to complete.

House officers should furnish three written references and also the names of people we can contact for verbal referee checks. A designated clinician will consider your CV and suitability for the position. They may also contact yo…

Signs we may be struggling

… tired most of the time.
Changes in sleep and eating patterns.
Problems with concentrating and staying focused.
Feeling empty, lonely and isolated.
Feeling on edge, not being able to control your worry
Feeling fearful
Increased use of alcohol or other forms of selfmedicating.
Feeling overwhelmed by tasks/events/ expectations that normally would be easy to handle.


… workshop, influenza season and vaccine


Influenza, leptospirosis, preventing rheumatic fever


Measles, winter is coming


Measles alert, investigation into PFAS contamination, pertussis, updated WDHB website and Public Health guidance/forms, current outbreaks in the pacific region and Australia


Mumps, influenza, pertussis, rheumatic fever prevention


Dengue fever, non tuberculous mycobacterial (NTM), heterosexual infectious syphilis cases, BCG vaccinations

Sexually transmitted infections

… phone. 
Please note that these notifications must be made using non-identifiable data.
For syphilis, gonorrhoea, and AIDS, go to the ESR STI surveillance page and follow the relevant instructions to complete the notification form. 
Syphilis – Completed forms should be sent to ESR (address and fax numbers are on the form)

AIDS - Fax the completed form to the PHU (fax 07 8382382).  This will lead to the AIDS Epidemiology Group (AEG) sending you a link to an AIDS questionnaire for completion.


HWD funding for postgraduate nursing study

… next closing date for applications:  16 September 2022 (for semesters 1 & 2 of 2023)

For further information please read our HWD Postgraduate Funding online handbook information which covers many Frequently Asked Questions and includes necessary forms.


Lin Marriott
Nurse Manager – Workforce
Ph: 021 359 498

Nicola McKenzie
Ph: 021 241 5802


What happens when you come to Mothercraft?

Where possible you and the baby will be admitted on a Monday before midday. This gives the benefit of staying for five days in the unit. 

Please have all your baby’s immunisations up-to-date by the time you are admitted.
Please complete the forms you have been sent and bring them with you. 
If you have not received the forms, print and complete the ones on the main page under Downloads.

Your careIn Mothercraft you will receive individual care aimed at meeting the needs of you and your baby, an…

Information for laboratories involved in Sore Throat Management Programme

… pick-up locations, existing pick-up times and opening hours, and will be using these.

Contracted pharmacies have been provided with an initial order of swabbing supplies – including bacterial swabs, laboratory bags, tongue depressors and laboratory forms

As the programme continues, they will access more supplies through local laboratory services.  We are recommending that they are mindful of expiration dates of swabbing supplies when picking up supplies from your laboratory, so large number…

Step 2: Research approval processes

… key priority for Waikato.  Therefore, you must consider how your study will improve equity or knowledge, especially for our Māori population.  As part of this Waikato requires that you undertake Māori consultation. (Use this link to get information and forms).  Word versions of the forms can be emailed to you by the Research Office.

Finance/Resource: If your project will involve costs to the hospital and/or you have received a grant or funding for the study, you will need to provide a budget. …

Nursing & Midwifery Education Fund

… been accepted.

What are my responsibilities?
You are required to feedback and apply the learning in your service.

How do I apply?
Complete the Waikato DHB course and conference form. This form can be found on the Waikato DHB intranet using search. Forms should be approved / supported by line manager / service manager. All supporting documentation should be attached to application i.e. registration form, course outline etc.

You need to remember that the sign off by managers and then the…