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All RMOs

Administrative formsAs with all organisations there are a number of forms that needs to be completed at various times. 

Just as a familiarisation exercise, these are the forms RMOs will most frequently use. 

Additional duties and cross cover claim form
Leave form
Expense claim form
Record of death form
Electronic special authority forms (for prescribing)
Finding your way
Meade Clinical Centre survival guide

How do I get Meals on Wheels?

Please call our co-ordinator to discuss your needs. Ph 07 839 8899 ex 98121. Due to the popularity of our service we may be unable to supply meals five days a week.

We can post you a start up pack or print out & complete the three forms below

Print and complete the three forms below:

Direct debit form
Direct debit instructions
Information request form
Please send the three completed forms to:

Postal address
Meals on Wheels
Waikato Hospital
Private Bag 3200
Hamilton 3240 

Feedback, compliments and complaints

What matters to you is important to us. Your feedback helps us improve our services.

On our wardsThere are feedback forms and complaint forms available in all clinical areas. If you can’t find them, please ask our staff to get you one.

07 834 3612


Laboratory processing over weekends

… laboratory turn-around time for swabs taken after the final drop off time on Friday, or over the weekend:


Pathlab, Tristram Street (back of Anglesea Clinics)

Tristram Street collection room is open Saturday 8am – Noon.  Package swabs with lab forms into individual bags and drop them in any time during these opening hours.
Red coloured out of hours collection box – package swabs with lab forms into individual bags and drop in any time.
It is cleared on:

weekdays at 8pm
Saturdays 8am…


Referrals are by general practitioners (GPs) or other health specialists.

Non-acute (non-urgent) referrals will initially be seen at a clinic.

Referral forms

Bronchoscopy and EBUS referral form
Chest conference form
Community oxygen request form
ILD conference form

Management of diabetic patients on medications (updated 2021)
Management of patients on anticoagulants and antipatelets (updated 2021)

Resident doctors, RMOs and house officers

… friendly, accessible unit where you can call in for a chat or with questions and queries. Our open door approach means you can find support and guidance on a variety of issues from your allocated rotations and terms of employment to meal chits and leave forms.

We are responsible for:

house officer orientation
rosters (surgical house officers, O&G SHO rosters, and the medicine rosters for house officers and registrars)
checking practising certificates and, in conjunction with the MCNZ, reg…

Who should I ask to provide references?

… at as a trainee intern to provide you with a reference or a consultant who supervised your elective placement. It pays to check that your referees are happy to act in this capacity for you - and will say positive things - before sending them referee forms to complete.

House officers should furnish three written references and also the names of people we can contact for verbal referee checks. A designated clinician will consider your CV and suitability for the position. They may also contact yo…