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New Zealand registration boards and councils

New Zealand Audiological Society
NZ Dental & Oral Health Therapists Association
Dietitians Board
Medical Council of New Zealand
Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand
Medical Radiation Technologists Board
Midwifery Council of New Zealand
Nursing Council of New Zealand
Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand
Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand
Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand
New Zealand Psychologists Board
New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists’ Association

Are additional charges for Age-related Residential Care allowed?

... (personal)
Personal toiletries
Recreational activities, where those are not part of the normal programme
Dietitian, podiatrist or other services that have not been prescribed by a doctor or are not funded by the DHB
Spectacles, hearing aids and dental care.
Any extra services a person agrees to pay for must be set out in their admission agreement or private contract with their rest home or hospital.

If you are concerned that additional charges are being made, please contact:


Allied Health

... of careers available is vast including: anaesthetic technicians, audiologists, audiometrists, biomedical technicians, cardiopulmonary technicians, cardiac, respiratory and sleep technologists, play specialists, community health workers, counsellors, dental technicians/therapists, dietitians, ECG technicians, health promotion/protection officers, medical laboratory technologists/scientists, medical photographers, medical physicists, medical radiation technologists, neurodevelopmental therapists,...

What we do

We do it all. From geriatric care to premature babies, from home visits by district nurses to complex trauma surgery, from renal dialysis to managing pandemic responses, from advanced cancer treatments to community dental clinics, from health screening to mental health and addiction services.

We also fund lots of other organisations to provide health services in our community.

We plan, budget, manage, support, code, file, train and educate.

We have been providing healthcare in the region for...