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Intellectual Disability Clinic (ID Clinic)

… assessments are carried out by one or two psychologists who gather information about the child’s development, academic progress and daily living skills, and carry out cognitive (thinking, understanding and problem solving) testing with the child.
The appointment takes around 3 – 4 hours. Where possible, feedback is given on the day of assessment.
Entry criteria
Child or young person is at least  7 years of age and has had more than one year of stable schooling and
Child or young person has sign…


What is the impact of a physiotherapy-led paediatric gait clinic?This project aims to review the impact of a physiotherapy led first specialist appointment (FSA) clinic on orthopaedic waitlists. It also aims to review both orthopaedic consultant and patient satisfaction with the service provided by the paediatric physiotherapists.

Has the implementation of the high risk infant pathway improved patient outcomes?Aims:  The High Risk Infant Pathway was set up in March 2017 to improve the way infan…

How do I get to and from treatment?

… Lomas Lane and follow signs to Transit Lounge (there is drop-off / pick up zone directly outside). There is seating and bathroom facilities in the transit lounge so it is a good place to wait if you are being dropped off before or picked up after your appointment or treatment.

TransportPersonal transport

If you are travelling a significant distance or making regular trips to the hospital you may be entitled to a reimbursement for your travel expenses.

See the National Travel Assistance Schem…

Vaccination Clinics in the Waikato

… increases the risk of severe illness with COVID-19.

Find out more about booster doses.

If you have had COVID-19, it's recommended that most people wait 3 months after testing positive before getting any COVID-19 vaccination.

People can book an appointment online at or call 0800 28 29 26 (8am to 8pm, 7 days a week).

Pop-up mobile vaccination clinics

Women who are taking anti-epileptic medicines for epilepsy, mood or pain

… can happen in the very early weeks of your pregnancy.
Talk to your doctor as soon as possible, ideally at least 6-12 months before you want to start trying to get pregnant. This is because it takes time to safely change your medicines.

This doctor’s appointment may take longer than your usual appointments as you will need to make a plan to keep you as healthy as possible and reduce the risk of harm during your future pregnancy.

You are making very important decisions at this meeting. Take y…

Referral to the Waikato Hospital Antenatal Clinic

… write to your midwife about your ongoing care requirements and plans.

Your midwife will continue to make decisions with you about your care and birth plan and will consult with the hospital team as needed.
You may return to the clinic for ongoing appointments, scans and other tests, but still be under the care of your midwife, who will remain your main point of contact.
Your midwife will provide your care during labour and birth. If you birth at Waikato Hospital the hospital midwifery team m…

Keeping well for pregnant women and new mums during COVID-19

Keep attending your health care appointments and accessing health care when you need it

It is important for you to have your antenatal and postnatal checks with your midwife now we are in the traffic light system your Midwifery care should follow the same schedule as before covid. Talk to you midwife about how this will happen.
If you have a scan booked, it is safe for you to attend - COVID precautions are in place in all ultrasound facilities and in the hospital.
If you have a hospital antenat…

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Hamilton Sexual Health is a free-to-all and confidential specialist service for people living in the Waikato.

Providing non-judging compassionate care is our core value: we know STI & HIV-related stigma and shame strongly predict harm and our aim is to make it easier for you to get help.

We provide care around STIs, HIV and a range of other sexual health issues as well as gender-affirming care. We have close links with Waikato Hospital’s infectious disease team around the ma…

Coping with grazes, tears and stitches

… degree - involving the external anal sphincter.
Fourth degree - involving the anal sphincter and anal wall.
Some tears and all episiotomies require stitches.

If you have had a third or fourth degree tear, you will have a six to eight week follow-up appointment with your obstetrician and physiotherapist. 

Coping with a painful perineum
Get plenty of rest. Elevating your perineum by lying down will help reduce swelling.
Begin pelvic floor muscle exercises within 24 hours to increase blood fl…

First trimester scanning

… scans, that may improve outcomes for you and your baby. 

How to get a scanScans are done by referral from your midwife or GP. Some community ultrasound providers charge for some scans – contact them to ask about the price, or ask when you make the appointment. If you have a scan done at the hospital, there will be no charge to you.

Waikato community ultrasound providersBelow is a list of ultrasound providers in the Waikato. Visit the provider’s website for opening hours in each location.