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On the day of surgery

Bring everything with you that you will need, especially if you are staying overnight or longer. Your appointment time does not indicate the time of your surgery. Your actual operation will not happen until your preparation is complete. Please be prepared for some periods of waiting.

Questions we ask youWhen you arrive at the hospital you will be asked to give information about yourself to check against our records. You may be asked the same questions a few times before and after your procedure…


… Clinical Centre, Audiology Clinic, Level 2, Reception E.
The service is also available as outreach clinics at Waikato DHB’s rural hospitals; Tokoroa, Te Kuiti, Thames and Taumarunui. 

ContactPhone: 07 839 8794

Option 1 - Booking clerk:
For all booking and appointment queries

Option 2 - Assistant:
For all hearing aid and repairs queries
Email: - For all booking and appointment queries - For all hearing aid and repair…

Community Breastfeeding Support Service

… latching problems, milk supply issues (too little or too much milk), weight gain issues, pumping milk, sore nipples and breasts including infections, unsettled babies, weaning, medical conditions in mother and baby that affect breastfeeding.

During an appointment they will

Listen and take a detailed history of your breastfeeding story
Observe baby breastfeeding and do a full breastfeeding assessment
Work out a plan for you and your baby that will provide solutions
Work with your midwife, Plun…

Whooping cough vaccination during pregnancy

… you became pregnant, or with a previous pregnancy, you should still have a Boostrix vaccination again to give your baby protection.

Where to get vaccinated Boostrix vaccination against whooping cough is free for all pregnant women.

You can make an appointment to have the vaccination at your GP practice free of charge.
Ask at your local pharmacy – some pharmacists in Waikato are registered vaccinators and can vaccinate pregnant women free of charge.
Free Boostrix whooping cough vaccination is…

Diabetes clinic during COVID-19

… provide clinical care to support you to manage your GDM along with the Obstetric team at the hospital, but your midwife will remain your lead maternity carer and continue to provide your midwifery care.
You may also need to come to an antenatal clinic appointment in the hospital. See information in Antenatal clinic appointments section for more information about attending a clinic with the Obstetric team.
Women with Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes

If you have type 1 or 2 diabetes you will…

Flu vaccination during pregnancy

… women in New Zealand from early March to 31 December each year. Even if there is a shortage of flu vaccines in New Zealand, vaccination is still available and free to all pregnant women as they are a high risk group.

Where to get vaccinated
Make an appointment at your GP practice to have the vaccination free of charge.
Ask at your local pharmacy – some pharmacists in the Waikato are registered vaccinators and can vaccinate pregnant women free of charge.
Free flu vaccination is available for p…

No smoking or vaping

We have a no smoking, no vaping policy that applies to all patients, visitors and staff. Whether you are coming to us for a clinic appointment or a hospital stay, you must not smoke or vape anywhere inside our buildings or on our grounds.

It is routine for our staff to ask all patients if they smoke and to offer you options to help you be smokefree during your stay. If you let us know, we can provide clean nicotine products on the wards (e.g. patches, lozenges or gum). 

We can also refer you t…

Discharge from hospital

… future use from a community pharmacy. At Waikato Hospital, you can ask the ward to send prescriptions to Pharmacy on Meade and you can collect them from the pharmacy on Level 1, Meade Clinical Centre before you go home.
You may be given a follow-up clinic appointment.
Please ask if there is anything you are not sure about – your medications, your discharge, your rehabilitation, or the support you may need at home. We are here to help.

Feeding Clinic

… consented to assessment and are willing to take part in the intervention/management plan.
Primary paediatrician has been consulted and medical/ organic issues ruled out as primary causal factor.
Child’s lead clinician/therapist is able to attend  the appointment and implement the intervention with the family.
Note: Queries regarding aspiration are to be referred to SLT before coming to Feeding Clinic.