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Baby Clinic

… are eligible for followup.  This consists of telephone contact with the family of all babies discharged from Waikato NICU prior to age one (corrected for prematurity).

Infants residing in the Waikato region are invited for a developmental screening appointment when the child is one (age corrected for prematurity). 
All children and parents are invited to attend a full developmental assessment at age two (corrected for prematurity). 
The final part of this routine follow-up involves telephone c…


… service provision pathway across OT and identify clear clinical questions for review of service efficacy.

What is the impact of a physiotherapy led paediatric gait clinic?This project aims to review the impact of a physiotherapy led first specialist appointment (FSA) clinic on orthopaedic waitlists. It also aims to review both orthopaedic consultant and patient satisfaction with the service provided by the paediatric physiotherapists.

What is a mammogram?

Mammograms are breast x-rays which can show changes in the breast before anything can be seen or felt. In most cases the changes will not be cancer.

At your appointment, you will be asked to fill in a form. You will remove your upper clothing in a private changing area, and put on a wrap ready for the x-ray.

In the x-ray room, an experienced staff member will show you where to place each breast, one at a time, on or against the x-ray plate.

To get a high quality x-ray, your breast must be mad…


… Health Triage team who will make contact with the client to complete a telephone triage assessment.

Once accepted into the service, the referral will be sent to the Perinatal Mental Health team and allocated at the next referral meeting where an initial appointment by one of the team will be made. 

Referrals can be sent to:

Adult Mental Health Triage
Phone: 07 8346902 
Fax: 0800500105 or 07 8383741 
Postal address: Adult Mental Health Triage 193 Londo…

District Nursing

… Thames hospital with smaller bases distributed around that area. 
The three southern rural teams are based at the southern rural hospital sites – Te Kuiti, Taumaranui and Tokoroa
ContactWhen you are referred to our service, we will contact you and make an appointment for a first visit. We will supply you with the contact information you need.

Child Hearing Vision

… services.

Key personnelJoanne Knight
Interim Manager

LocationEar nurse clinics are provided across the Waikato DHB area and are both mobile and at established clinics.

Children's Ear Clinic , 51 Gallagher Drive, Hamilton
ContactPhone: 07 838 3565 for appointment / enquiry with either of these services


… Children are grouped together with other children of a similar age. 
Groups are fun and interactive with lots of activity and learning for the whole family.
About four groups are run each year and follow the school term calendar.
There are monthly follow up appointments for 6 months with the teamInitial clinic appointment at Waikids Clinic, Level 6, Elizabeth Rothwell Building, Waikato Hospital. Group programme is based in the community. Our team includes an activity coordinator, medical office…

Need help finding a Midwife?

… information about over 110 Waikato midwives. You can search for midwives in your area and read their profiles to help choose a midwife that feels like a good match for you. You might also like to ask friends and family for recommendations.

2. Book an appointment with your GP (doctors). Your GP will be able to assist you with Early blood tests, scans and routine care.  

3. Early Pregnancy Clinic - River Ridge East Birth Centre has FREE drop-in clinics every Monday 8 am-12 pm, with no appointme…

Hauora ihub

Kia ora! If you are visiting Waikato Hospital for a clinic appointment or to visit a family member or friend, why not take the opportunity to get some health information or check ups yourself? Hauora ihub is centred on the Māori value of manaakitanga (caring, hospitality, respect) with friendly staff who provide on-the-spot service, make referrals or point people in the right direction for treatment or support. It is designed to be warm and welcoming.

Hauora ihub is located on Meade Clinical Ce…