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Where do I go and who do I contact?

You need to be enrolled and make an appointment on 0800 270 200.

Eligible women in Waikato can have a free mammogram at two fixed sites in Hamilton or on one of the two mobile units:

Breast Care Centre, Waikato Hospital
Anglesea Women’s Health, Hamilton
Mobile breast screening service visits 24 towns. Click here to view the schedule.
Support to Screening Services are contracted to provide additional assistance to eligible women in the Waikato region.

Hauraki Primary Health Organisation – 07 3…

How hard is it to get parking at the hospital?

… and each time this is used for campus parking, a deduction will be made from your salary.

For those working long days, for safety and security reasons, you are able to park in the car park building off Hague Road. This will be explained in detail upon appointment.

There is also a locked bike shed facility with accompanying showers and changing rooms. This is attached to the Wilson Carparking building adjacent to the Hague Road carparking building. This is a secured building and keys can be pu…

Pathway Clinic

… run by senior staff, who interview caregivers, undertake a developmental screen and, depending on their findings, refer on to further services within Child Development Centre and/or to early intervention and other community services.
A Pathway Clinic appointment takes about 45 minutes for preschoolers and about 1.5 hours for school age children.

Where do I go?

… support services
You can request a female cervical screener from most services.

Whoever you choose, all cervical screeners are specially trained to make sure the test is comfortable and meets your rights as a patient.

Remember it is your body, your appointment


… to specific infections.

Visit the NZ Immunisations websiteTe Whatu Ora now has a new website with information for parents, caregivers, and their whānau to understand the childhood immunisations given in New Zealand, when to immunise, how to book an appointment and more.

View website

Hamilton and surrounds

… to Friday

9am to 3pm

K’aute Pasifika

Including tamariki 5-11yrs

Offering vaccines for 3-plus for measles, mumps and rubella

Offering all well child vaccinations

960 Victoria Street, Hamilton

Monday to Thursday

9am to 4pm

Te Ngaakau aa Kiwa
By appointment only

Including tamariki 5-11yrs

Offering vaccines for 3-plus for measles, mumps and rubella

147 Boundary Road, Hamilton

When you are referred

… private sleep service, there are some available in the Waikato. Please discuss those options with the doctor who referred you to us.

Assessment of a referralSleep Clinic will assess your referral and either:

Move to an investigation stage
Make a clinic appointment
Refer you back to the referring doctor with advice.
Investigation(s)These may include sleep studies, blood tests, sleep diary, and other investigations and tests. Note: Sleep studies (where your sleep is monitored by sensors in our…

Your booking date for surgery

… booking clerk offering a date for your surgery or treatment.

If you accept this date, you will receive a letter outlining admission details and provide a map showing you where to go on arrival.
We will tell you if you need to attend a pre-hospital clinic appointment to prepare you for your surgery.
You may also get a service leaflet that gives advice in more detail for your appointment or procedure, including what you can or can not eat or drink.
In some cases, you may be booked into a differe…

During treatment

… radiation prescribed for you.

The majority of people are treated weekdays as an outpatient. A small number of people may require hospital admission.

You may experience side effects during your treatment.

Your first Radiation Therapy treatmentThis appointment will be on Level B1 of Lomas Building.

For your first treatment arrive 15-20minutes earlier than your appointment time so you can meet your Radiation Therapists and get ready. Some patients will need to do bladder and bowel preparation…

Travel assistance

The National Travel Assistance Scheme (NTA) was set up to help people who travel a long way to specialist appointments get some of their travel expenses back.

To be eligible for the reimbursement, you must:

be referred from one specialist to another, and
travel a minimum distance or make a minimum number of trips, and
both specialists must also be part of a publicly funded health and disability support service.
If this sounds like your situation, check if you meet the criteria for an adult, a…