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Is Telehealth safe and secure?

Yes, it is. The same levels of patient privacy and security apply to telephone and video appointments as they normally would for in-person appointments.

As telephone and video appointments take place using your mobile device or a desktop/laptop, you play a key role in keeping yourself safe online. If possible, close any other applications or windows on your device before and during the appointment to avoid performance and security issues.

Contraception after birth

… delivery, or during a caesarean section planned for a clinical reason.

If you are interested in permanent sterilisation, talk to your midwife while you are still pregnant. If you meet the criteria, your midwife can refer you to Waikato Hospital for an appointment to discuss permanent sterilisation. This appointment will happen while you are still pregnant.

Sterilisation immediately following a planned caesarean section is only an option if you are booked for a planned caesarean section for…

COVID-19 Testing

… straight away that you’re concerned you may have symptoms associated with COVID-19.

It is free to get a COVID-19 test.
All GPs are able to provide assessment and testing – please phone your practice first. 
Please do not turn up to your GP without an appointment
After hours you can be seen at an urgent care clinic. 

Community RATs collection centres

Western Community Centre - 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton
Monday- to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm
Pukete Neighbourhood House - 43 Church Road, Puke…

What to expect from the Memory Service?

… triaged by the Memory Service team on a weekly basis.

A client needs to agree to participate with the service.

On acceptance of a referral:

a referral maybe made for a CT brain scan
a member of the team will arrange with the client and/or whānau an appointment for an initial assessment at home
Following this further assessments maybe indicated such as neuropsychological assessment, social work assessment or occupational assessment.

Finally a clinic appointment will be scheduled with a consu…

Referral to the Waikato Hospital Day Assessment Unit (DAU)

… Antenatal Clinic may need frequent monitoring by a midwife. This may be more than your own midwife in the community can provide.

If this is the case you may be asked to attend the Waikato Hospital Day Assessment Unit for follow up. You will be given an appointment to attend the clinic, which is open Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 2.30pm.

At the clinic you will be seen by a midwife who will review any tests and/or monitoring you need. Depending on your needs you may have your blood pressure taken…


What if I have symptoms or am worried about something?
Please call our reception staff on 07 839 8732 for a phone consult or a clinic appointment with one of our doctors or nurses.

Do I need to book an appointment for the FAST service?
Our FAST service is usually a drop-in service during our opening hours. However, during COVID-19, you will need to book a time-slot to come in for self-testing because we have to limit the number of people in reception to have enough physical distancing to keep…

How to install Microsoft Teams

You will need the Microsoft Teams app installed on your Android device and iPhone/iPad to take part in a Video Appointment with Waikato DHB clinicians. 

Below is a guide on how to install Microsoft Teams:  

If you have an iPhone or iPad open the App Store OR if you're using an Android device open Google Play.
Search for 'Microsoft Teams' and then tap the install button.

App Store (iPhone, iPad)

Google Play (Android)

Once the Microsoft Teams app has finished installing on your…