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Follow up guidelines

After surgery, patients are discussed at a pathology MDM where the pathology is discussed and the slides are reviewed.  In some instances, adjuvant chemotherapy is recommended and a letter will go to the referrer to request a review from oncology at the referring institution. 

Surveillance guidelines are otherwise 4 monthly CEA, CA19-9 and CA125, except for colorectal cancer where CEA alone is tested.  CT scans are suggested at 1, 2, 3 and 5 years.  Recurrences may be suitable for repeat surger...

Our team

... Hospital Trauma Director and surgeon.  Our Trauma Nurse Specialists will be key contacts for you and your family as you recover.  They are assisted by specialist surgeons and support staff.

Our work is guided by our beliefs and commitments to our values:

Patients first: The needs of the patient and family guide our actions
Communication: Open, honest, helpful
Collaboration: Together we achieve more
Excellence: Quality care and information
Forward looking: Integrity, diversity, creativity.

Obstetric HDU Workshop

... one-day course for midwives and nurses working in Delivery Suite HDU.  Using a mixture of on-line education, lectures and hands on practical experience to assist with developing and enhancing skills, knowledge and understanding of care to the obstetric HDU patient

Presented by
Midwifery Educator, Delivery Suite ACMM and/or RN


Delivery Suite HDU

No Cost

Tuesday 5 April
Tuesday 4 October

How to book

July 2021

... information around the new Māori Equity Clinical Response Team which has now been put into place along with new Equity Response Initiatives.

Covid vaccinations and the equity around these were also discussed in detail.

The new Director, Quality & Patient Safety and new Chief Medical Officer Primary & Community Health were introduced to the Consumer Council.


What is the impact of a physiotherapy-led paediatric gait clinic?This project aims to review the impact of a physiotherapy led first specialist appointment (FSA) clinic on orthopaedic waitlists. It also aims to review both orthopaedic consultant and patient satisfaction with the service provided by the paediatric physiotherapists.

Has the implementation of the high risk infant pathway improved patient outcomes?Aims:  The High Risk Infant Pathway was set up in March 2017 to improve the way infan...

Can I take photos?

We want to protect our patients’ privacy, as well as their health. Please help us.

Ask for permission to take photosPlease don’t take pictures, videos or make audio recordings of our staff unless they say it is okay to do so.

People can only take non-medical photographs of you if you (the patient) or your legal guardian, says they can. 

If our staff take photographs of you for any reason, you will be asked to complete a consent form.

Think before you uploadFamilies and friends - Do not post...


We pride ourselves on providing good quality, locally produced meals. We get consistently high patient ratings from patients for our hospital food.




7am - 8.30am
Noon - 1.30pm
5pm - 6.30pm


Tea and coffee are offered after breakfast and lunch, and at morning tea, afternoon tea and supper time.

A standard meal will be sent to you until you are able to select your own choices on the menu provided each day.
If you need assistance at meal times, please ask the ward...

51 Gallagher Drive

... supply chain) and community-based health services for district nursing and allied health including a community equipment and supplies loan area.

Services located here include

Community Equipment & Supplies 
Hamilton & Rural Community reception
Patient (booked only) clinics held on site

District Nursing
Public Health Nursing clinics
Ear Nurse s led clinics
Vision/Hearing screening
Dietitian clinics


Telehealth is the term for the use of information and communication technologies to deliver health care when patients and care providers are not in the same physical location.

To be effective, telehealth relies on fast broadband internet services. Telehealth enables health professionals to diagnose illnesses and provide treatment without being in the room with the patient. Health care-related education, research and evaluation can also take place remotely. Telehealth has many benefits including...

Where do I go?

... Pacific or women’s health centres
screening support services
You can request a female cervical screener from most services.

Whoever you choose, all cervical screeners are specially trained to make sure the test is comfortable and meets your rights as a patient.

Remember it is your body, your appointment.