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Community Alcohol and Drugs (CADS)

... and treatment planning form the basis of multi-disciplinary team treatment that includes:

medical assessment and treatment
individual case management and talking therapy
educational and therapeutic groups
hospital-based assessment / stabilisation in-patient beds
home alcohol detoxification program
consult liaison service to Waikato Hospital and HRBC
Psychological therapy
Access to free hepatitis C screening and intervention as applicable
Links with Community Probation Services offering brief a...

ACP Facilitation Service for Waikato - Te Kōhao Health

This is service that is free of charge and available to staff, patients, whānau, general public, community organisations.

The service provider is required to support the Māori and Pasifika populations as a priority, however the service is available for everyone/anyone who wants to know more/develop an ACP. 

Service details:

Waikato District Health Board:   FUNDER

Te Kōhao Health Limited:  PROVIDER OF SERVICE

Phone:  0800 483 564 anytime


Team-leader:  Val...


... departments within Waikato Hospital and to build collaborative partnerships on projects.

Current research areas of interest:

Regional anaesthesia

ESB Pilot Trial: Erector Spinae Blockade feasibility Study
PECs II Trial: PEC’s II blockade study on Patient Quality of Recovery following breast surgery
The Topical Trial: Topical Sevoflurane in Chronic Painful Ulcers
Cardiac surgery

LAAOS III Trial: occlusion versus non-occlusion of LAA and stroke
QRK309 Trial: QPI-1002 Phase 3 for prevention of...

Radiation Therapy

Radiation TherapyRadiation Oncology is part of the Waikato Regional Cancer Centre and is located in the Lomas Building at Waikato Hospital. We serve a wide geographical area including patients from the Waikato, Lakes, and Tairāwhiti District Health Boards (DHB).

It is one of nine Radiation Oncology departments in New Zealand.

Our services are primarily used for treating cancer patients but radiation therapy can be an effective form of treatment for several other health conditions.
In 2019 1570...

Spiritual support and hospital chaplains

... Father Danny Fraser
Sister Marie Finn
Quiet roomA quiet room is available for reflection or prayer by all people regardless of faith.

Menzies Building, Level B1 (opposite the lifts), Waikato Hospital

Chapel and servicesThe Chapel is open to all patients and visitors.

Chapel service is on every Sunday at 10am during Level 1.

Let staff know early on Sunday if help is needed to get a patient to the Chapel for a service. Visitors are welcome.

Meade Clinical Centre, Level 1, M...

COVID-19 public information

... normal, but retain the things that we know are most effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting people.

For us in health, things will remain the same for a while longer.

With COVID-19 still in our community and to help keep our patients, staff and community safe we are continuing to restrict visitors at our sites.

At this time only key support people who have been identified by the patient are allowed to visit.
More information on our visiting policy here: www.waikatodh...


... registered health professionals who provide specialist advice about food and nutrition to clients and those who care for them.

The clinical dietitian team at Waikato Hospital has specialist dietitians who provide services to all wards. They also provide outpatient services within both adult and paediatric areas.

Community health dietitians work with clients to provide education and support with dietary treatment. They provide services at Thames, Tokoroa, Te Kuiti and Taumarunui hospitals, at...

START (Supported Transfer Accelerated Rehabilitation Team)

... Transfer and Accelerated Rehabilitation Team (START)Supported Transfer and Accelerated Rehabilitation Team (START) is part of the Waikato DHB's Older Persons, Rehabilitation and Allied Health service. START is the Waikato DHB service that supports patients to make a safe and quicker transition from hospital to home. It provides the intensive support and rehabilitation some patients need, but in their home rather than through a longer stay in hospital.  It provides intensive rehabilitation...

On the day of surgery

... surgery has to be cancelledIn some cases your hospital booking may be postponed and rescheduled because of an influx of emergency cases on the day or some other unavoidable event. If this happens, we are really sorry, but we must treat the most urgent patients first and ensure clinical safety standards are met.

Cancellation of surgery or other treatment is only done as a last resort – you will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Post-operation recoveryIf you were anaesthetised or sedated, imm...

Who decides if I am safe to drive?

... involved in your health and wellbeing, such as a sleep service if you have been referred to one or prescribed treatment from one.

All medical practitioners have a legal obligation to advise NZTA of relevant medical concerns they have around a particular patient

Only NZTA can issue or revoke a drivers licence. Doctors, nurses, and physiologists do not have the power to remove or reinstate licences.

"But I'm a good driver and I never feel sleepy when I drive."Sleepiness is a v...