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What is the impact of a physiotherapy-led paediatric gait clinic?This project aims to review the impact of a physiotherapy led first specialist appointment (FSA) clinic on orthopaedic waitlists. It also aims to review both orthopaedic consultant and patient satisfaction with the service provided by the paediatric physiotherapists.

The role and perceived function of the acute medical physiotherapist within the multidisciplinary team at Waikato HospitalThe aim of this study is to investigate the...

Terms of Reference

... external funding for research
To consider and report on any matter concerning research referred to it by the Executive Group and/or researchers.
Office holdersChairperson
Clinical Director, Strategy & Funding

Deputy Chair
Director, Quality & Patient Safety

MembershipWaikato DHB

Chief Executive 
Director Quality & Patient Safety
Executive Director – Office of CE 
Exec Director Corporate Services
Exec Director Maori Health 
Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officer
Chief Medical Office...

COVID-19: Restricted visiting Waikato DHB hospitals

COVID-19: Restricted visiting for all Waikato DHB Hospitals Waikato District Health Board welcomes whānau and acknowledges the important role they play in supporting patients staying in hospital or coming for an appointment.

To help keep our patients, staff and community safe we are continuing to restrict visitors at our sites.

The purpose of our policy is to reduce risk of infection in our hospitals and to keep our most vulnerable people safe. Surgical masks must be worn at all times at all o...

Heart Failure

... education. The team of six clinical nurse specialists in heart failure management works closely with Cardiologists and General Practice health professionals.   

Services provided 

Specialist clinics (CNS and cardiologists), home visits, telephone support

Patient and family/whānau education: heart failure knowledge and self-care

Clinical monitoring, +/- titration of heart failure medications in consultation with GP and/or cardiologist

Professional education/CME for other health professional...

Kat Wakefield

... tempting place to work too.

My career aspirations include working in the community at some stage. I’d like to be able to see people in their own home. I believe it would eliminate a lot of the equity imbalance, you know the “I’m the nurse and you’re the patient” aspect.

I’ve had people say to me “Oh you don’t want to be a real nurse?” But the way I see it I am a ‘real’ nurse. I’ve trained in the physical aspect of nursing and now I am specialising in one of the more complex aspects of health,...

Allied Health

We employ more than 770 Allied Health and scientific staff.

In New Zealand health professionals (other than nurses and doctors) who contribute to the assessment, care and treatment of patients or clients are known as Allied Health professionals. They work in many settings such as a patient or client’s home, schools or work places, community clinics or in hospital inpatient or outpatient environments.

Career path opportunities for allied health professionals include clinical specialist, clinica...


Health professional’s knowledge of driving restrictions following a cardiovascular eventThis study being led by Waikato University aims to explore the driving-related advice health professionals provide to patients after a cardiovascular event, and how they deliver this information to patients.

Implementation of the PREP 2 upper limb recovery algorithm in clinical practiceThis project aims to evaluate the implementation process of a new assessment tool for recovery of the upper limb following s...

Social Work

Social WorkHealth social workers are professionally qualified social workers who assist patients and their whānau/families to manage the emotional and social impacts of illness and/or disability.

They assist the patient and family to develop strategies to manage any changes that have happened as a result of ill health or disability.

Health social workers

offer supportive counselling around health issues and the impacts those issues have on both the individual and the whānau/family
provide hel...