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Resources for patients

Jabber Guest – Patient guidesJabber guest is the app required to have a virtual consultation. Follow the instructions in these guides to access the Jabber Guest app on various mobile devices and internet browsers.

Jabber Guest Patient Instructions Android
Jabber Guest Patient Instructions Chrome
Jabber Guest Patient Instructions Internet Explorer
Jabber Guest Patient Instructions iPhone iPad
Webex – Patient guides
Webex Meetings - Patient smart device
Webex Meetings - Patient web browser

Patient rights

Every person who uses health and disability services has rights. The organisations and people who provide health and disability services have duties. These rights and duties are clearly set out in the Code of Health and Disability Services - Consumer Rights.

Patient enquiries

Waikato Hospital
07 839 8666

If you are enquiring from outside New Zealand, please dial +64 7 839 8666

Please tell us the full name of the patient you are enquiring about and the ward they are on if you know it.

Is the patient not in Waikato Hospital?
If the patient is in one of our other hospitals or facilities, please use the phone numbers listed under our Locations page.

Supporting a patient

COVID-19: Restricted visiting for all Waikato DHB Hospitals
Click here for more informationClose family and friends or carers are an important part of a patient’s care and recovery.

Support by family/whānau is encouraged. Care needs will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may want their family/whānau to provide personal hands-on care, while others may prefer emotional or spiritual support.

We appreciate that family and close friends want to know what is happening and even be involved...

Patient Blood Management

 Patient Blood ManagementWe are an evidence-based multidisciplinary team approach to improve patient outcomes by improving the patient’s medical and surgical management in ways that boost and conserve the patient’s own blood. As a consequence of better management, patients usually require fewer transfusions of donated blood components thus avoiding transfusion-associated complications.

The Patient Blood Management team is based at Waikato Hospital but provides services and advice across Waikato...


Onboarding patientsInviting/onboarding a patient

Onboarding cliniciansInviting/onboarding a clinician