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Emergency response plans

At times Waikato District Health Board staff have to manage emergency situations or crises. These can include:

acute clinical episodes, such as a cardiac arrest
environmental hazards, such as a hazardous substance spill
breaches of security
bomb threats
utility failure
industrial action
an unexpected influx of acutely ill patients (such as a multi-casualty incident or public health emergency).
Depending on the event, this type of incident can have a major impact on one part of the hospital...

Emergency Department at Waikato Hospital

Waikato Hospital Emergency Department (ED) is clearly signposted in red on all our hospital signage, external and internal.  The entrance is off the southern end of Pembroke Street. There is a drop-off area directly outside the ED entrance and limited short-term parking. Emergency Department is open for emergency and urgent serious medical issues 24/7.

Injury specific resources

Philadelphia Collar brochure (G1441HWF)
Advice following minor head injury – Accident and Emergency Department Waikato Hospital (G1415HWF)
Brain Injury Information (ABI) 
Brain Injury Waikato
Concussion – information for patients and their families – Occupational Therapy (G1628HWF)
Splenectomy and Hyposplenism – Information for Patients (Doc ID: 5440)
Going home following cardiac surgery – information for patients and their families (G1320WHF)

What’s the team structure and responsibilities, including emergency cover?

The normal structure applies: consultants, registrars, house officers and Year 1 house officers.

Sometimes they work purely in teams so that the team of the consultant works when that consultant works; on other occasions, there has to be ‘x’ number of house officers on with a registrar; or only house officers (not Year 1 house officers in the first six months of their employment) working nights; or registrars on advanced training schemes may be required to only work two sets of nights in a one...

I'm not well, where do I go?

When you’re unwell or injured we want to help you and your whānau get the right care.

1. Do I need immediate/urgent help?YES  - Dial 111 for an ambulance, or go to your nearest hospital emergency department: Waikato Hospital,Thames Hospital, Tokoroa Hospital, Te Kuiti Hospital and Taumarunui Hospital.

NO  - Call Healthline 0800 611 116. Free 24 hour health advice. They will tell you the best place to go.

2. Can this wait 24 hours?YES - Contact your general practitioner (GP). However if your c...

Waikato DHB services during COVID-19

... patients, however, we are continuing to restrict visitors at our sites to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, keep our most vulnerable people safe and to keep our hospitals operating safely.

Please see our Visitor Policy page for full details.

A reminder that our emergency department remains open. However, please do ensure this is used for emergencies only.

Anyone needing immediate or urgent help should seek medical care by calling 111 for an a...

Waikato DHB position placements for NETP

... Intensive Care and Cardiac Care units
Cardiothoracic surgery and vascular ward, cath lab
Intraoperative services (includes theatres DOSA, PACU, interventional radiology areas)
Internal medicine
Respiratory medicine
Acute Medical (assessment) Unit
Emergency Department
Renal medicine
Regional dialysis in-centre
Outpatient department
Child health – paediatric medical and surgical wards; Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Health of older people (DHB)
Rural hospitals placement areas


Conventional (X-ray) Imaging (including Emergency Department, Theatre service, and Mobile Service)


Main Department – Meade Clinical Centre

6 x Philips Digital Diagnost Rooms located in MCC which cover IP’s, OP’s, GP referrals. Rooms have wireless detectors and are stitching compatible.
ED – 24/7 Acute Services

2 x dedicated ED rooms currently with Philips Digital Diagnost Units (to be replaced early 2019)
4 bedded Resus suite with a dedicated ceiling mounted CR Unit (to be replaced early 2019 with a 2 x 2 DR unit).
Dedicated OPG Room

Philips Easy Diagnost (which w...

Potential placement areas for graduates at Waikato DHB

... surgery
Cardiothoracic & Vascular surgery; Cath lab
Cardiac Care 
Intraoperative services (includes theatres, DOSA, PACU)
Internal medicine
Respiratory medicine
Acute Medical (assessment) Unit
Emergency Department
Regional Dialysis in-centre
Outpatient Department
Child Health – Paediatric medical ward; Neonatal ICU (NICU)
Health of Older People within the DHB
Rural Hospitals placement areas:

Thames hospital –  Emergency Dept, and w...