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What’s the team structure and responsibilities, including emergency cover?

The normal structure applies: consultants, registrars, house officers and Year 1 house officers.

Sometimes they work purely in teams so that the team of the consultant works when that consultant works; on other occasions, there has to be ‘x’ number of house officers on with a registrar; or only house officers (not Year 1 house officers in the first six months of their employment) working nights; or registrars on advanced training schemes may be required to only work two sets of nights in a one...

Who should I ask to provide references?

If you’re a prospective Year 1 house officer, you should ask a consultant from a hospital you have worked at as a trainee intern to provide you with a reference or a consultant who supervised your elective placement. It pays to check that your referees are happy to act in this capacity for you - and will say positive things - before sending them referee forms to complete.

House officers should furnish three written references and also the names of people we can contact for verbal referee checks...

Paediatric Clinic

... is a medical review.  The goal of the paediatric clinic is to assess if there are any underlying medical conditions contributing to the developmental problem.

A new paediatric appointment will take approximately one hour, and may be undertaken by a consultant paediatrician, paediatric fellow or experienced paediatric registrar. 
Review appointments are half an hour.

Social Communication Assessment Clinic (SCA Clinic)

... clinic.  The goal of the SCA clinic is to establish whether or not a child or young person has or may have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Referrals for an SCA can be internal or external.

The assessment team currently consists of two senior or consultant psychologists, one to interview the caregiver, the other to work with the child. An SCA appointment takes 2 to 3 hours. 
If a diagnosis of ASD is confirmed, then appropriate referrals within Child Development Centre and the community c...

Media enquiries

... to Friday. On weekends and public holidays we have limited out-of-hours cover for emergencies however in most cases we will post updates on our digital platforms: or our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

On duty communications consultant 021 671 239 and/or


... Outside of Hamilton referrals email referrals Community Referral Centre -

If you live in Hamilton City a woman/family can contact the service directly

Call/text 021 761 935 or 07 839 8899 ext. 98196

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