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Preterm prelabour rupture of membranes (PPROM)

... problem is more likely when PPROM has occurred before 24 weeks.

After your baby is bornThe biggest risk to your baby after PPROM is prematurity. Infection can also be a problem.

If there is a chance your baby will need specialised care after birth, the staff from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) will be at your delivery to care for your baby if needed.

Your baby will probably need antibiotics and may need help breathing. How much special care your baby needs depends on many factors...

Maternity Quality and Safety Programme

... for priority women and increasing health equity.

Safe, quality health services for all / Haumaru - Quality and safety is the overarching aim of the MQSP Programme.

People centred services / Manaaki - Waikato MQSP has a strong focus on consumer and staff engagement particularly using co-design methodology when making changes.

Effective and efficient care and services / Ratonga a iwi - Waikato MQSP projects include an element of effective and efficient service improvement.

A centre of excelle...

Formula feeding your baby

... going.

Waikato DHB acknowledges that a small number of women are unable to breastfeed their baby. Some women may choose to both breastfeed and formula feed their baby. Some women may choose not to breastfeed. However you choose to feed your baby, the staff at Waikato Hospital and the primary birth centres are here to help and support you. 

The information below will give you some general information about formula feeding, as well as other resources to lower any health risks for your baby. 


Sexual Health

... immunisation if eligible for the funded vaccine
Diagnosis and management of chronic genital conditions including vulvodynia (chronic pain)
Help with sexuality and gender identity issues, including gender-affirming care
Free condoms
Friendly & non-judgmental staff
You can be seen for free sexual health checks or HIV prevention medication without a referral from your GP. We appreciate a referral letter from your GP if you have a more complex health concern so that we better understand your ba...